Sunday, January 24, 2010

BJx3/Unger/Lis's Birthday Party: 1/22 - 1/23

Best birthday cake ever?!

The host with the most.

Garage situation.

Gary's shirt.. Comin' in real hot, courtesy of Choices Gift Shoppe.

Brigette lives!


Haha.. Marcello!

Bad Rich. Good Lis. Young Johnny.

Birthday boys!

Sippin' on purple stuff.

New coozie style.

Chicks with dicks?

Checking Kurtz's beard status.

Not this night..

Blow out them candles!!

Kuato Lives wine coozies.. coming 2015.

Smoked out.

Licking fingers.

Stuff yer faces.

Signature Karen blog appearance.

Pre-dance party situation.

Johnny was KILLING IT.

Saving the best piece for last..


Reclining with friends.


Katie almost in a birthday sandwich.

Priceless faces.

Moustache rides?

Cake bromance.

Helping out Julian.

Juicebox got red-faced!


Caught with yer pants down?

Pat's new artwork.

Pat's freezer got raped by Johnny & Sebastian.

Uh ohhh.. New Seagle graphics are leaked!

Wakey wakey eggs and bacey.

The breakfast club.

Breakfast Bitchboy!

Strange World!

Tom was bummin'

Happy Birthday Jon!! Here's a ticket.. Oh, and you can't drive.

Booty chowder.. Doesn't happen in PA..

Gary's hair.. comin' in hot.

Party City!

Masked beardo's.

Russ in mask-mode.


Kurtz and company.

Joel.. Craze..

Photo booth!

Masked men.

The situation.

Loosening bolts..

And revealing secrets..

Play it sweet, Johnny.

Cake time!

Pictures of pictures.

Cake babes.

EJ lives!

Bathroom buds.

Calm seas.

Smoking section.


Caught in weird-beard sandwich.

Lis and her masked crew.

Just the dudes.

The gang's all here.

Wii party at Jess's crib.

Luke wasn't having a hard time with Wii.

Babes of the Wii.

Wii stance.

Bubba - Wii O.D.

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