Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Re-Gifting Weekend: 1/15 - 1/17

Setting the evening in motion at Tally Ho.

Juicebox. Down the hatch.

Ready to get the bar crawl poppin'

Gary runs on Dunkin.

Weren't feeling the "townies" at Brotto's.

Rock & Roll McDonalds.

Electric Feel.

Yer Welcome.

Shut down the Funhouse before last call.

Kurtz was psyched.

Guitar shredding.

Front row raging.

Nothing beats starting the day with Ninja Warrior.

Stopped in at Homebase to check out JDG's artwork.

50 degree Saugy Sesh.

Peace dog!

Devonte Lives!

EZ Putt.. Later to be re-gifted.

Luke's wrapping job was legit. Complete w/ Drehobl paper.

Pizza party.


Poo party.

Poo was twizted.

Kurtz's wrapping job tight.

Jess gets her hair did.

Re-Gifting Party @ Eskandalo!


Alison & Bubs in the control center.

Geechy vs. NoNo.

All tucked in.

Brendan definitely came up.

Emery's face.. ha..

Po came up.


What could it be..

Kim's gift... Priceless.

Phil was about to get a blow out..

Eskandalo creatures.


The DJ booth was pumping out hits all night.

Bunch o' dudes.

And.. Begin passing the glasses around..


Locked up.

Couldn't have said it any better.

Mikey went overboard with booger sugar..

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