Saturday, January 9, 2010

Triple Threat - 1/9/10

Brett Peterson was in town!

Balls to the wall.

Look familiar?

Can't get enough of Pat's mustache?

Ughh.. Creepy Santa?

If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.


Cougar Lounge?

Paul's Kuato shirt was living on the wall.

Packed house.

Albert Lee.. Very tasty..

Michael Jazz Trio was shredding!

Ian Ziabrowski and Paul's skateboard frame piece.


Throwin' up a few birds at Tommy's.

Pat's stache.. Comin' in hot.

Some sleep, some rage.

No du-rags? Bummer..

Outback was getting TWIZTED!!

Kyle was looking handsome.

Knights of the round table.

Productive times at Poets.

Don't burn Keith.


Kurtz is back on the island!

Stimpy - by Andrew Kurtz.

Quinn is all about the Wiiiiii.

Kurtz is pro.

Black's Wii character.

High score?

Let me get next..


Pool sharks.

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