Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fatherly Figures - Mark Eyestone

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. This month's installment is with our homie from Fredericksburg, VA, Mark Eyestone. Mark has been a close homie since we first went down there for a demo for Underworld Skateboards back in 2003. He is now a current supporter of Seagle and Hazel skateboards and is backing the Long Island skateboard scene as much as he can. Introducing Mark Eyestone of Magic Bullet Skateboards.

K. Please state your daughter’s name and age.

M. She's 7 months old, 16 pounds, 24 inches long with a cranium capacity measuring in the 52nd percentile. Pound for Pound the world's strongest baby. Ladies and gentlemen, "Poison" IVY EYESTONE.

K. What’s the transition like from skaterhood to fatherhood?

M. Well see, entering into my 30s, I already started to keep it pretty mellow. I still skate every day, maybe just not with the alacrity of a younger man. I lucked out with a very sweet and curious kid. When we go to the park she'll sit intently and watch. I'll push her around in the cart on my board. We have the Schwinn joint so we can roll real good!!! We'll do the "super baby" thing rolling around on the board. Then we go to the swings when there aren't mothers around to tell me how raise a kid.

I'm still only 7 months into this, but so far, if you're happy and you know it clap your hands.

K. Tell us a little bit about switching from Fred Skates to Magic Bullet Skateboards & Records. Was it crazy having the transition take place while having the baby at same time?

M. Well Fredericksburg Skateboards was myself and 3 other partners. Magic Bullet is just me. No bad blood or anything; Just something I had to do. My brother Brent has run a record label under the name Magic Bullet for about 13 years now. I just kinda jacked his name. Typical little brotherness.

I definitely slimmed down the stock and have been a little bit more selective with what I carry, especially when it comes to clothing. Less is more on the shoe scene too. Only what skates good. I'm done trying to cater to the mall kids. However, I have not slimmed down the board wall or hard goods at all.

My dad described it as, "Trying to change the wing on a airplane in flight". whatever.

You know Ivy rolls with me everyday to the shop right? That took some getting use to but like I said, she pretty good about handling what's in front of her.

K. How’s the scene been at Brooks park? Is it a safe place to bring your lady and your daughter?

M. Everyone seems to be on their best behavior when I'm at Brooks. Actually, the everyday dudes keep it pretty clean. The state of the ramps have seen better days though. We got some money to put towards it this summer. It can only get better.

K. When you do find the time to skate, who do you shred with and what is your favorite spot?

M. I don't open the shop until 1 p.m. After morning exercise and feeding we head to the park for an hour and a half...maybe more. Then after I close up I squeeze off another 2 hours. My wife, Lane, is a commuter so 5 to bedtime is mommy time..... As far as spots are concerned; I have to go with the Bowman Center. If you ever drank the $5 plastic bottle of vodka. Just know that's distilled right here.

There has been a resurgence of older heads popping back up. Pumped on that. As for the rippers right now, Shamblin is probably my all time favorite. Clarkson is my all time favorite. And I hate Boner, but he awesome. That's right.

K. How is George dealing with having a sister in the house now? It’s been a while since he had that tube protruding out of him, what is his current health status?

M. To take a quote from my Strong Island homies, "Cancelled".

K. Who’s on deck with having a baby next? Any OG Fred Skates locals or new blood about to be a daddy?

M. Well Leaker is on deck to get married. Jim Brooks and Pete have 4 year olds.... I can't really say who is next. You never know when one is going to slip one by.

K. Any plans for skateparks or plazas popping up in the Fredericksburg/Stafford area anytime soon? If so, will Magic Bullet be involved?

M. I've been talking to the Parks and Rec. department about getting some concrete poured. We'll see about that though. The Mid Atlantic is the worst for concrete skate parks.

K. Sticky Icky was the last shop video you guys put out, any other shop videos or promos in the works?

M. Typically, I buck all the good footy from the other two filmers in the area. So out of my own guilt I'm putting effort into their videos. They'll have shop dudes in there, but nothing official. I don't want to micromanage and tell them to use music off the label that they don't want to use.

K. How long until your daughter is doing buttery heelflips and skating rocks or weird obstacles?

M. I can't "beauty pageant mom" her into doing anything she doesn't want, you know? It's right there in her face, so we'll see.

K. Mark, it has been a great pleasure. Thanks bud!

These are some pics that Paul took on his last trip to VA to visit Mark:

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