Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Totally Kurtz'ed Weekend: 5/7 & 5/8

Friday - Mexico bound with Luke?

Off into the valley..

Luke & Kurtz!

Full house.

Kurtz's and Jeff's works.

Neil & Jack.


Guilty Cat!

Living, polaroid-wise.

Ray looked pretty confused..


Po & Josh luh dat shit.

Bubba was living in the Homebase bathroom.

Billy was rocking some 40's and blunts!

Luke was at the wheel..

New window display at Homebase.

Phil, in bigfoot mode.

Gary getting his blog on.

Secret Fatty?

Colby? Huh?

Luke hanging with the locs.


Luke with another oooops.. Handle it in the morning.

Saturday - First on the agenda.

20 minutes of epicness.

Shit happens.

Mexican/Columbian breakfast.

Colby & Wes came up on Gary's scraps.

Worth the wait?

Yes.. We pod..

Hill bomb to bump.

Hot crew.

Luke shut it down.

Running against the wind.

Gayboy on wheels.

El Sweet!

Fountain sesh.

Brown baggin' it.

V's stick.. Still holding strong since January.

Epic rainbow in Allentown.

Andy V went to war.. The battle will be won next time.

Ended the day off at Grumpy's.. Big money.

Ready to do work..

Grumped out!!!

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