Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend Randoms: 4/30 - 5/2

Friday - Living.. Food wise.

Bike riding mission from Brickhouse to Corey Beach.

Smith grind?

Mat & Amanda!

Sweet tricks.

Ran into these fine ladies.

Get your ass to mars.

Additional lighting.


Night riders.

Nocturnal spot checking.

Saturday - Marewolf, Rich, and Pheo on board.

Downhill battles.

Whateves evs evs part 2??

Manchild and Ludz shredded the parking lot bomb.

Met up with Team Outback to get the day started.

Pheo had some bugs on him.. No bigs.

Manny/Slant spot.

Damn.. That's O.D.

No arking!

Death bank.. Drop ins for days.

Decisions.. Decisions..

Can't be in Seaford without seeing The Ronz!!

Pauly lives!!

Endless possibilities.. Except for the fence.

Peeping the destruction.

Met up with these 2 dudes for the last spot of the day.

Best ground ever.

Brothers from different mothers.

12 deep to end the day.

Gigi & Tyler!

Pheo being a social butterfly.

The Birthday Boy and his candles.

Happy Birthday Tom!

The Ark!

Things were about to pop off for Pat's/Mike's birthday.

Bitter beer faces.

Matt's request.

Pitch & Jill met up to pre-game for a bit.

OMG? Matt? Sloth?

The birthday boys and their gifts from The Brig.

These 2 fine ladies showed up to join in on the celebration.

Billy was living!

Peep show.

Multi-tasking.. No bigs.

Let the games begin.

Gretchen putting her work in..

Matt getting his..

Get on the dance floor.



51st State!

The doings of Mr. Ryan.


Friendly assistance.

Matt's new steeze.

That's a wrap.

Sunday - Hangover cure to start the day.

Who wears short shorts??

Community Poop Bags.

Met up with Dave Roma!!

Lurking at Park Deli.

Got sucked into the hottest vortex ever.

Roma gave us the heads up on good eats at Chavella's.

Lots of 3's and 4's.. Good money.. Good food.

Bad Luck Rich.

Over the McCarren vortex.

We had a few beers & watched some soccer to end off the evening.

We all knew this was coming..

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