Monday, November 1, 2010

Post/Intro-Book Club 3 Armageddon..

Filming for Book Club 3 - Armageddon: 9/29/10:

Connor getting the approval from Pat.

Book Club Cam.

Pangaeaman getting some.

Connor goin' in!

Marks of the beasts.

Connor's carnage..

Kuato Lives!! For a cool price of $69.99...

Creepster mask..

Book Club 3 - Armageddon intro filming:

Setting up the upstairs for the "rave" scene.

The director and Matt.

Los Lobos lives!

"I like turtles!"

Optimum vs. Fios.

Ladies de Muller.

Gigante/Dookie Head/Miller

Commence raging..

Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Washing off the darkness.

*** Check for Book Club 3 - Armageddon very soon on Pat's Vimeo page.. We also heard the soundtrack is dropping on Pdot/Retard Records.. Good money..

** Book Club 3 - Armageddon/Tony's Halloween Ramp Jam pictures drop tomorrow evening.

* Cabin Life clip drops tomorrow evening as well.

Stay tuned..

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