Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekend Randoms: 11/5 - 11/7

Friday - Off to Homebase for Josh's art show.

Take a pee at 30B..

Window displays on lock..

First Fridayyy.

Josh & Melissa!

Full house.

NoNo's wall.

Cereal Killers.

Dime Bags.

Up close & personal w/ Kurtz.

A random gorilla showed up..

Mr. Fiorello & Ms. Bolen.

Toilet paper art.

Mini Book Club 3 premiere at Homebase.

Snackin' at Molly's..

Git? Twizted? Now?

Tearing up the dance floor.

Catchin' fades..

All sweaty and shiiitt..

Ryan got his..

USA vs Korea!!!

Oh Hey Romeo..

Danny goin' in!

Saturday - Woke up to this little guy raging..

Zaaaa sesh at high noon.

Getting thereeeeee

Kurtz catching a fade..

Krooked 3D premiere at Gary's.

Basement jam sesh.

Gary pulling a Black Jon.

Grimace was about to live..

Finished product.

Bubba's crib for one last rager before his move to SF.

Air hockey battles all night.

Tyler with some drunk treadmill use.

A few deer heads..

Moose head.

Weber's chunder.

Bubba's good luck cake.

Mike's Haaaaaads!

Weber is not living..

Homebase Workout Team.

Triple threat.

Po with a little hazing if you will..

Line em' up!

Lights out.

Sunday - Took a trip out to Quakertown.

Feast your eyes.

Quarterpipe bros..

Po had the ill filming stance.

Gary getting his..

Hard day at the office.

All chipped up.

Live bait.

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