Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pretty Nice Little Saturday - 11/13

Early lurkings with Rich.

Questions Young People Ask.

Fake-ass Ark Bark..

Rich goin' in.


Black's gear was in full effect.

Shred in your hallway.

The birthday girl and her new gear.


Kitchen dance party.

Bizarro Black Jon in Christopher's.

Ladies + Pat.

Took over the dance floor at Danu.. No bigs..

Catching some feedback..

Time to cut the rug.

Some tweens were grindin' outside of the bar..

Alana trying to reach out to the youngsters.

Amanda caught up in the rage..

Birthday Balloon!

Jon in rage mode.

Ladies hittin' the dance floor..

Pat was too busy sexting.

Terrence & Thomb killing it.

Matt was the hype man.

Whoa.. Take it easy..


Chick version.

Dude version.

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