Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blueprint makes friends with the 610: 3/11 - 3/13

Friday - Started out at Brotto's w/ Po & Kurtz.

Migs at twelve o'clock high..

Pickle backs.


The Po fro was back..

Ryan & Casey were chillen.

Back to getting there.

Kurtz be wormin'..

Po be spinnin'..

Pat's face! LOL!

Mr. Shier and Po!

The Battle of Po's Hat.

Erin was thereee.

Throwin' up the horns.

Marty, Kurtz and Hill killing it.

They've lost that loving feeling..

An epic performance of "Tiny Dancer".

Even the ladies were hyped..

Goodnight, Romeo.

Saturday - Wonder Showzen for breakfast.

Colby's go-to breakfast.

The new artwork at Homebase is good money.

Fully stocked, looking good gentlemen..

Colbert's gear was dialed.

$60.00 socks?? Sure...

Pat was very tempted..

Plaza sesh/contest mania.

Sloan Lives!!! Seagle mini-reunion..

Blueprint panel of judges.

MC Po.

Taylor, Mitchell & Nik.. Heck Yeah.

Set em' up...

Knock em' down.

Big Blue put in a noble effort..

But Eric came out on top for the win.

Enchiladas Suizas.

Mr. Ballins demonstrating "The Bernie".

Squad situation at Yer Welcome.

Fake-ass Colbert.

Thumbs up..

Thumbs down.

Great White Caps at The Funhouse.

"Bully Joel"

Party Murawski & Sam.

Sunday buckets w/ Lee & Ronzoni.

Thanks to Huckfink for some tasty afternoon fuel..

Far Rockaway Skatepark.

School desk S was raging..

Weathered ramps.

Clever sign in Far Rockaway..

Ended off the day at Taco King.


1 comment:

The Hillbilly said...

wow, far rockaway park just made my list. I see the mineola spot every damn time i take the train and consider giving life the finger to shred it all day.
Picklebacks all day.