Friday, March 18, 2011

"Shattered Dreams"

(you might want to play this song while reading this post)

Well, it's official.. Mastic Skatepark is open for "business" while many people on the island remain "shattered". An afternoon phone call to a town official proved that these rumors are true about the pads and fees. Although, Town of Brookhaven residents do get to skate for free (with getting a rec. card from the town), out of town residents do have to pay $10.00 each time and then buy a rec. card on top of that. See below on how you'll look bundled up under all of those pads:

Pretty cool, huh?

F-po also posted about this issue, you can follow his advice here. With this being said, we really have to boycott this park and not use it.. It's really unfortunate because the Town of Brookhaven put a lot of time and money into this as well as California Skateparks. An inside source says that the workers there said that "people show up and they leave because they have to wear pads". In our eyes, that means the town is losing money regardless, right? So why not make this a free facility and not have to worry about turning away business? Throw some vending machines there and maybe a hot dog stand and then the town will make a few bucks off of it.

We urge you to be respectful while calling the town(631-451-8696) and making your "complaint". Hopefully if they see people aren't going to use the park due to the full armor rule and 10 bucks each time maybe they'll just open the gates and let us have at it the way it should be.

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