Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekend Randoms: 3/4 - 3/5

Friday - Brittany's going away party!! :(

Po's first Dewey visit!

All hail the mighty Po Fro.

Kitchen was raging.

Dry erase collabo.

Oh hai buds.

Good ol' Lionel.

It's ya boy Bangs.

Another hot youTube sesh goes down in the record books.

Taylor & Hansen going OB.

"Big boy.. in the back.. where you supposed to be"..

Friends helping friends.

Upstairs raging.

Battery & phone in rice.. works every time.

Gary was out early..

Taylor was lucky he didn't get bluefaced.

The man behind the curtain.

Pat was obviously there.

Brigette shreds.

Oh, bai Gary.

Saturday - Starting off at Northport Deli.

"I think she's gonna spew"..

Ramp shredd.

Mr. Smith and company.

Nice shirt Pat..

Kurtz's seat.

Set up those cameras boys..

Best buds.

Taco time!

Afternoon cocktails w/ the boys.

These guys wash down the tacos real well.

The results are in..

Eye protection.

Entertaining to watch, annoying to play.. the best!

Taco Feast.

Sweet B.. Queen of Tacos.. See you soon!

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