Monday, June 22, 2009

Blogmitzvah - 6/20

Early Lido sesh.

Jake and Jeremy stopped in after their surf sesh.

Jeremy's balanced breakfast.

Michael Jordan tounge.

Thinnest poop ever.

Pretty slick.

The crew met at the shop before the big event.

Let the Blogmitzvah begin!!

Lost for a hot minute.

Ray and a "not so Bar Mitzvah friendly" t-shirt.

Rich's new whip.

Smelling like teen spirit.

Pep talk from the TM.

Rich putting in some spine work.

Fancy setups.

Hahaha.. The Ronz is a hater.

Yellow tunnels.

I'll take you to the candy shoppe!

The man himself, David.

Rich and Davi.

Discussing maneuvers.

The setup via the DJ side.

Rich taking a breather.

No Tony Hawk.. but kids were still psyched.

Talent Manager - Ronzoni.

Underwater housing.

Celebrations at On The Border.

Happy Birthday David.

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