Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Randoms: 5/29 - 5/31

Friday - The Forensics @ Brickhouse.

Mike Healy & some crowd hype.


Dougie Fresh.

Sunglasses at night.

The Forensics will be playing here on June 12th.

Umbrella ambience.

Gigante & Pat made the trek out east.

A Brickhouse staple.

Pretty sober evening.

Denise gets arab-money.

Triple threat.

Saturday - Realness.

Early start with Mike Regan.

Arrow Security.

In about.. 30 years..


So it begins..

Mr. Ryan & Mr. Lepley.. Ben tweaked his ankle getting a last minute banger for Book Club.. If you see him in the streets, wish him a speedy recovery..

Booster chair.

Pat was multi-tasking.

Mike Regan.. Putting in some boardslide work..


Double sider slider.

The old Mario Kart trick..

Ben lurks the sidelines.

Documentation preparation.



"Ya'll gonna be on Scarred?"

Gigante left the spot with the camera in his pocket. Went to his job to pick it up. No biggie.

Styrofoam spot.

Regan put in a lot of boardslide work..

Ghost wax comes in handy.

Regan's perspective.

Got it.

White floaty things.

Sunday - Started off at Brentwood.

Cooking up some tricks.

Contest crowd.

Izzo came to handle some business.

Last minute bangers.

Black joined in on the sesh at High Ollie.

Blackness, taking skateboard tricks to the bicycle.

Alternate angles.

Izzo put in some work..

Caution: Horses. Do not tailgate.

Friends helping friends.

Indy Tour Video & Gnar-b-que?

Give a dog a bone.


Fire pit/Marshmallow session at Karens.

Fire babes.

Karen vs. The Fire.

Nasally darkness.


Moon & stars.

Crew it.

Sneaky marshmallow..

Triple hug.

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