Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend Randoms: 6/6 - 6/7

Saturday - Front seat setups.

Hazy skies.

Some hood rat stuff gone wrong..

Peabody and Blackness.

Black Jon.. being health conscious.

Dan King started a stretch clinic.

BQE back.


No dice.

Just like when you were a kid..

D White was on board.

Ruined the sticker kit..


Through the weeds.

Barney socks.

Fun Game Massive reunion?

This dude was killing it.

Regan - nosegrind

Edible Arrangements.

Lookout Whitey!! Priceless faces..

Movements for the future.

Times is rough and tough like leather.

Chopper joined the team for the evening..

Patterns for days.


Fish tacos??

Mmm.. Fish tacos..

2 please.

Our hellride to the eS party..

No photographs.

Found foods.

Readyyyy.. Break.

Segregation - B

Sunday - Rich with his double board setup.


A triumphant game of skate to warm up.

Miss Katttthyyyyy.

Adjustments for the future.

Paul.. in woodsman form.

Possible fishing tools.. who knows..

Happiest dog ever?

Traffic move of the day.



Got it.

Paul.. handling some business.

Paul completes the trilogy.


The old Rick Howard sock trick.

We don't like em'

Bob on the grill.

Paul was tapping the rockies.

Black brought over some vegetarian delights..

Making progress.

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