Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kuato Lives/Seagle Skateboards CT Trip: 8/6 - 8/9

And we're off!!

Assemble your crew..

The sticker kit.

Mass amounts of luggage.

Unshaven guy.

Paul.. Constructing the wall.

This guy knows what i'm talking about. This guy definitely knows what i'm talking about.

Bridge hype.

Throggs Neck session.. Too heated for skate photos or videos.

Hot dog pit stop.

Unger being anti-social.

I-95 traffic.

Ha.. Priceless faces.

Tent assistance at Mamonnasett.

Setting up camp.

Evil angles.

Mt. Fuji.


No homo.

Night moves.

Bright and early.

Princess Fuji got his beauty sleep.

Tent City.

Ready to start the day.


Paul's hair.. Comin' in hot.

Sock tricks.

Beach barge.

Lifeguards on duty.

Went for an early swim.

In search of food.

Long Island Sound.

Norwich Skatepark.

Sloan had Norwich on lock.

Putting in work.

Vacation mode.

$3.50 plates.

A quick stop at Ideal Skateshop.

Tour guide.

Waterford Skatepark.

Best cement quarterpipe ever?

Putting in some more work at Waterford.

Lunch break.

Gigante's dunce cap.

I do what I want!!

Gza. Teen Wolf. Fuji.

Acorn Acres.

Work in progress.

Finished product.

Miller spotted something...

Bee hives above the campsite.. Pretty safe.

Hoot and holler.

Party time.

Stacy in fire mode.

Old Yeller.. Catching some warmth.

Roasting weenies.

Ninja vanish.

Grill situation.

Grill master.

Well done/rare burgers.

Gza Genius was chillen.

Camping babes.

Sloan got his Jiffy Pop on.

Anti Hero Coozies! LOL! BFF

Unger returns.. After peacing himself out.

Cow Place crew!


Fire conversations.

Beanies on loan.

Ghostly figures.

Light show.


Dad's night light.

Flashing colorful lights.

Late night pond mission.

Paul.. Getting his balance on.

Pond babes.

Streams with lights.

Pond crew.

That's a wrap.

Doggie door view.

The result of a late night pond mission.

The aftermath.

Target practice.

Get in the pit!

Happy camper.

Breakfast of champions.

Juicebox woke up to find a little pet on his tent.

Breakin' her down.

Early Baltic session.

Pangaeaman came and met us early on Saturday.

Fierce & Cap'n.


Rich, got er' done.

Old Yeller, taking in the scenery.

Princess Fuji grinding his way to the smallest tent known to mankind.

Rich got hyperthrashed.

Throwing back a few beers..

No Mercy for a whole weekend.

Silly Rabbit.

Ben was shredding Dookie's bike.


A little bit of liquid motivation.

Sloan put in some work.

Great Food. Makes your poop orange.

Yeah Ben.

Pizza guy.


30 packs and big crews. All weekend.

Seagle Blue Ribbon.

Markham Meadows.. Not so good.

Wethersfield Time Trials.

Pangaeaman's back!

Comfort Inn.

Creepy Unger.

After this times four.

It's fun to do bad things.

Dad! No photos at the dinner table..

Dyno Jam!

Stacy was craving a juicy burger.

Killer tomatoes.

Humphrey's on lock.

Short arms.

An armless Juicebox.

Party room.

Shark Week.. MaahhrssSpharrrss..

Stacy made sure his shorts were dialed in for the last day.


Ben with an early morning hurricane.

Unger and Sloan handling the ice situation.

Portrait time.

This dog was chillen..

Our last destination - Bristol Skate Plaza.

Banner placement.

Not sure what these names meant..

After playing tag with the rain.. We officially got rained out.

Rich collided with Black Jon and got a nice shiner..

Front seat film lurk.

Youtube craze.

Stopped in at Tim Upson's shop - Avid Skatehop.

Unger with his first board.

Same beanie. Same shirt = Best friends.

Rear view youtube.

Tim got a taste of our youtube obsession.

Group photo.

Unger scored a nice picture frame.

Black came up.

Ben came up.

Pizza party.

Unger using that nipple cheese.

Put a steak on that thing.

Black Jon.. ruined Christmas.


Dragons & kittens.



Choices Gift Shoppe. Best place ever.

Marked in sweat.

We put in a lot of work.. But we were ready to hit Delaneys in Woodbridge..

Let the drawings begin..

Sk8 or Cry!!

Artwork by Pangaeaman.

Artwork by Black.

Artwork by Paul.

Artwork by Rich.

Artwork by Miller.

Cash back.

Rolling deep.

Alex & Katie!

Normal version.

Funny version.

Time for shots!

Ben switched his gear..


The Wiz.

Fierce Browsman.

Teen Wolf.

Lisa hooked it up with more crayons.

Fun with Crayons.. Round 2.

Oh jeeze..

The end.

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