Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Randoms: 8/28 - 8/30

Party time.

Sushi station.

"You see these pictures yet?".


Double fisting.

Drinking buds.

Post-sushi discussions.

Kevin supports The Chap.

Pool dudes.

Family photo.

Pool shredding.

Dakota and Untitled.

Russ's breakfast.

Rich-mobile on Google maps.

Payback's a bitch.

Haven Skate Park.


Sweaty dudes.

"I don't know how this guy affords his laundry bill".

Ya heard me?

Mission to Delaney's.

Nowhere to be found?

School desk.

Elephant rides.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahs.


Early morning Bristol mission.

Dan "Hannibal" Finkelstein.

The Ronz was manning the ship.

Bristol Skate Plaza.

Handstand review.

Little Jimmy's.


The Ronz gets down.

Cigars and icies.


Came up on some sneakers.

Mirror images.

Mystery numbers.

Digi digi digi's:

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