Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Musikfest Weekend: 7/31 - 8/2

Can the GWB traffic get any worse?

Rain upon arrival.


Kurtz's desktop.

Sweaty ramp sesh.

Colby.. Still smokin' dem cigarettes.

Tavern sesh.

Josh met up for a few pints.

Kicking them feet up again..

Hamptons Shit in Allentown, PA.

Aaaaaaaandy Po!

Gary was prepared for the Pre-Musikfest walk.

Mushroom Tunnel.

Cross blogging!

Musikfest crew!

Louso gets down on a funnel cake.

Corey Duffel & his lady friend.

Fight #1

Fight #2

Bubba joined in on the festivities.

Rough night..

Pimping out the ratio.

Julian rocking the heart glasses!!

No matter what the situation..

This girl slapboxed "The Boss".

Started the morning off with some ledge work.

Kurtz, in hangover mode.

Colby came up.

I didn't know J.C. was a tranny?

Worth a few carves..

Lock Ridge Park.

Giant Clit got ups.


Kurtz, getting his climb on.

Underground foliage.

Relaxation - Part 1

Relaxation - Part 2


Poo.. Giving Colby some lovin'

Ney Forge.

Word up.


Rock/Bucket game was tight.

Gary put in some work..

Butta bank!

Julian.. In Cornholio mode.

Allentown is reppin' some crazy handlebar steeze.

Six One Oh.

Andy V! Back from Woodward..

Bubba's new ink.

Right Foot Forward premiere at Homebase.

3/4 sleeve brothers.

Kurtz had the ill coozie..

High five Max!

Andy V & Allison.

Bumped into Max.

Ashley and Louso leading the pack.

Colbert.. Trying to get some youngsters into Sotto's.

Roll over Max!

Flooded kitchen parties.

Shark Week!

An eggs benedict for the road.

Rosemary's birthday party.. Buddy was chillen..

Big spider.

Finished the weekend off at Mike Pitch's crib.

DJ Mikes.

Hmm.. Jewski's psyched.

Somebody invited swans..

Pool Party.

Once you pop, you can't stop.

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