Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Randoms: 8/20 - 8/23

Pheo's new crib.

A walrus and Paulie.

Yeah.. I'll have the Staple Roll.. Thanks.. Yikes..


Beaver Dam.

Beach kit.


A good attempt at trying to dry the ramp.

No dice.

Butt started the day off with some stacked sandwiches.

Lunch buddy.


Someone had a rager..


Ladies and gentlemen..

Meet innovation.

West Meadow Beach.. Skipping stones.

Let r' rip.

5 minutes turned into half an hour.

Butt found a gem.

How many dudes does it take to open a can of beans?

Meal time.

B.T.'s belated birthday party.

Louis.. warming up to Rich.

Meet Louis.

Beer pong situation.

Little guy.

Bummer. Squashed.

Shoe's spirit animal shirt attracted some babes.

Keith Terra and a wrestler.

This guy.

Random run-in with familiar faces.. Gigante and Fletch.

Aaron and Johnny.

Boom! Met up with Colbert.

High fives all around.

Knobbie Digital.

Ya'll Homebase?

The downtown sesh got too hot.

Eating it up before Jersey City.

Oh wait.. Raining in Jersey City.. Great..

Rain date.

Colby was psyched that it rained!

The calm after the storm.

Faulty straws.

Roley Poley fish heads.

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