Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rich's Surprise 30th Birthday Weekend: 7/24 -7/26

We started off the weekend at Castle Greyskull.

Moss Man's balls.

Sour cream explosion.

Black Jon was charging up his shred stick for New Hampshire.

Ducking and hiding from Rich & Lis..

Surprise Rich! Let the fun begin..

Ferry wake.

All hands on deck.

So.. Basically.. Kids are screwed.

Bike rack adjustments.

Parking lot pregnancy test.. Yikes.

The doings of Black Jon..

Stopped off in Rye, N.H.

Rye Beach.

Beach crew.

She Sells Sea Shells.

See you later gayboys!

No flash photos!

Mas Coronas.

Skee Ball junkies.

Priceless photos.

Black Jon.. Debating an epic blanket purchase.

Rich's nuts.


Rich's attempt at a headless photo.

Twilight go kart session.

Cross documentation.

Fireworks on the lake.

Biggest mosquito ever?

Night riders.

Early morning on the lake.

Lis was getting psyched for the canoe voyage!

Pre-canoe voyage.

John brought a friend back from our canoe voyage.

Stopped for a quick skate.

Lis.. Blending in with the scenery.

Lobster rolls.

$14.00 worth of goodness.

No spitballs at the table, Johnny!

Drop it!

Pirates Cove Mini Golf!!

Some good putting went down..

We don't like em'

Captain Kidds.

Checking that pulse.

Arcades.. All weekend!

Fun with bubbles.

Sweet bathroom art.

Drawing by Pangaeaman.

Drawing by Black Jon.

Black Jon was scared of this guy..

Uh oh..

Gringo's Group Photo.

She got us wasted!!

Fantasy Hotos?

Long day..

New skateboard racks.


Smurf house!

Backseat lurker.

Nashua Skatepark.

Long Train Runnin'

School shoes.

Walrus Fries.

Red Light District.

Happy Birthday Rich!

Later guys! Good times!

Waterproof camera photos:

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