Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend Randoms: 8/14 - 8/16

Started off the weekend with breakfast at Toast.

Kurtz's table art.

Gary's aftermath.

Park City.

Views of the sound.

Long Island Sound.

Ramp sesh with Wombat.

Alcohol is my crutch.

Branch modifications.

Ramp turds.

Kurtz had his Wishy Washy's.

Walking down to the dock.


Quick! Help Gary!

Gary's toes got banged up.

Kannon & Noah were chillen.

Hyperthrashed knee.

Pre-Montauk swim.

Stopped in at Tara's for an early evening bite.

Sweet shorts.

Contestant #1.

Contestant #2.

Gary with a fine shred stick.

Kurtz came up on some sweet Corona pants.

We found Chin in the clouds.

Party at Paul's crib.

You know the drill..

Reverse effects.

Let the games begin.

Uh oh.. Corona Pants time.

Rub your hands up Gary's chest.

Change clothes with the guy next to you.

Jump in the pool.

Draw Karen on your arm.

Put all the change in the change jar.

Give Tony a kiss on the mouth.

Pour a beer over your head.

Give Amanda a lap dance.

Ride a bike through the kitchen.

Uh oh.. Karen killed Kurtz.

Take Stephanie's necklace off with your teeth.

Take a shower with your clothes on.

Give Paul a sexy lap dance.

Jump in the pool with a gas mask on.

View from above.

Double dips. Paintball mask style.

Early morning discoveries.

Partly cloudy skies.

South Hampton sesh.

Stopped in to see Alissa at Smith to get the scoop on the beach.

Clutch parking situation.

South Hampton.

Beach Team.. Minus Gary's camera..

Shore level.

Shell nipple.

Homebase doing big things in the hamptons!

Hamptons homies.

Kite water.

Long day.

Corona Pants' parking spot.



Melissa's 30th Birthday Party.. Scott & John!

Ants love potato chips.

Kurtz got into a lot of lawn games.

Table discussions.

Happy Birthday Melissa!

Then onto Stephanie's bday party..

Don't throw water balloons on these things.

Happy Birthday!

Coolest dudes at the party. By far.

Tanya, Erin & Joey!

Kurtz inflicted some minor burns...

But it's ok because we scored babes.

Setting up the Pinata area.

Grind mode.

Stephanie used to thrash.



Gary handled the blog machine for a minute.

Family photo.

The party inside was poppin'.

Mike yuck face.

Black yuck face.

Dude yuck face.

B face.

Road sodas.

Pool homies.

Fire situation.

Close parking job?

NIght crawlers.

Russ was about to be D.F.L.

Damn Russ.. chill.

Early morning discoveries.

Ha.. Kurtz passed out.

Gary was runnin' with the big dogs.

It was a scorcher at Lido.

Frankie Dukes.. Killing it.

Next Graham Withers ad?

Lido Beach.

Kurtz got his flippy floppies and his wishy washy's.

Our umbrella flew away.

Black's beach attire.

Later buds. Back to PA.

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