Monday, August 2, 2010

Bethlehem Skateplaza Opening: 7/16 - 7/17

Friday - Lunchtime with Gary Bonds.

100+ temps all weekend.

Can I get a slice? What? Can I get a slice? Yeah!!!

Fake-ass Bethlehem Skateplaza..

Lumpy humps..

Sparked it off at Sotto's with a cold one.

V and Shiner enriching the youth.

Thick crowds..

Funky was filming that wicky wicky shit..

Speech time.

The most insane place ever once the gates were opened.

Holy moly...

Kurtz was well hydrated.

A loc, Po and V taking a breather from the taco sesh..

A beautiful creation at sunset.

Sorry Dave, a little too late.

Saturday - Kurtz & Brendan were shredding at 8 a.m..

Kyle was hooking up stencils bright and early.

Butt Lives!

The Vans tent was poppin' off..

Bubs with double sun protection.

Luke & Evan Smith!

Making sure all angles were covered.

Barnes on blades.. look out!

Where the heart is.

VIP section.. no bigs..

Jersey Dave came through with the Domestics crew!

Po in the judging area along side Strubing, Pensyl, and O'Connor.

Seltz had his name written all over it..

Team Butt!!

Cake time.

Switch hardsssss.

Backyard situation.

Corrupting the youth.

Birthday Boy Pensyl.

Strubing giving Bubba a light.

Luke, in the firing line.

Yup, uh-huh, ok.

Shit lit up like Vietnam..

Baseball hat style.

Top hat style.

Alex with a hand wound..

Po was TWATTED after a successful day.

Groms renegading Coke's before bedtime.

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