Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Randoms: 8/12 - 8/15

Thursday - Chef Paul mastering the grill w/ venison burgers.

Let the games begin..

Started off at Broto's with these dudes.

The Great White Caps at Funhouse.

Great White Caps merch booth was raging.

Kurtz, prepared for all occasions.

Epic banner outside of Funhouse.

Bathroom gems.

Mugged out at McGrady's.

Friday - Pleasant surprises..

Breakfast Club sesh - 10 a.m.

Kurtz with an egg sammy..

Gary with some Starby's.. no bigs..

Heck Yeah crew, before they hit the road for their trip.

Successful street mission with V, Dusty and Geech.

Gary, obviously putting in work..

Footage of Lorenso coming to the "Untitled" video, coming Fall 2011.

Free beer at the skatespot?! Life was good..

Shredding with this little creature.

Andy V on some Tyler Bledsoe shit..

Tulum's was BANGIN.

Wow.. Click for details..

St. Bernard's crew.

Bad American was ruling!

Ray & Josh getting down.


Kids were psyched!!

Po got twatted and missed the Breakfast Club sesh.. :(

Saturday - Shout out to Gary.

Afternoon Lufkin sesh.

BBQ sesh..

Tony the Barbarian is back?

Fat Booth + Wigs = Epic.

Fake-ass Gleaming the Cube.

Uphill battles.

Buttboarding on the world's gnarliest hill.

Sunday - Bronx Park crew.

Matt forgot his keys.. Whoops..

RIP little guy.

Fun Bronx Park sesh.. Only to be rained out yet once again..

Ran into a few bros.

The Ronz playing "Rain Man".

Krooked 3D is gonna blow your mind.

Pheo & Yuki watching some Tiltmode.

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