Thursday, August 12, 2010

Northport Skatepark - Questions Answered

Don McKay replied to an email thread regarding questions about the Northport Skatepark. Here's what he had to say: wrote:

Mr. Lent:
Thanks for your e-mail regarding the new skate park. We anticipate the facility to open within a few weeks. We do not yet have a definitive date because the area around the actual facility remains under construction. Once open, it will be a year-round facility - weather permitting. Those who wish to use the facility will be required to possess a town of Huntington recreation identification card. Non-residents will have to possess a non-resident rec ID card. This is strictly a skate board facility - absolutely no bicycles. Please pass the word that while the park is closed, trespassing is strictly prohibited. Those caught attempting to skate while closed will be banned from the facility. Give me a buzz at 351-3094 with any other questions.

So there you have it, open year-round, need an ID pass, no trespassing and most likely going to have to wear just a helmet. Just a heads up for everyone out there that is thinking of sneaking a sesh in, please pay close attention to the trespassing sign that is now on the fence at the skatepark. It was confirmed that the sign went up either today or yesterday. If you get caught trespassing in the park, you will be BANNED from the park! You don't want to be banned from this place after all of the hard work you, the town of Huntington and California Skateparks put into this project.

For now, we wait patiently. It's going to take time for the town to finish the turnstile, check-in booth and playground surrounding the skatepark.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email Don McKay, he wrote back in a timely manner so i'm sure he will be happy to answer any questions anybody has regarding the skatepark. His email is listed above before his response.

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