Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekend Randoms: 8/6 - 8/8

Friday - How can a teenage boy be a cunt?

Sucked into the vortex known as Friday.

Bombed a few hills into the harbor and called it a night.

Saturday - "Poets Beach Barge" w/ Paul & Pangaeaman.

Essential for life operation.

Paul & his asian buddies.

After this!

The asians burying each other were very entertaining..

Jones Beach was a great success.

Took a peek at the new skatepark..

Kurtz gitting twizted with the Hulk hand.


Fettucini Alfredo w/ Skirt Steak = Amazing

Family dinner!

Went to Nag's Head for a few games of darts.

Kurtz getting some.

Blue Steel?

Thumbs up!

Mad Scientist Gary.

Hood rat stuff..

21 Jump Street.

Gary getting some extensions on his wig..

Kurtz getting dialed in for Jersey Shore.

Get yer hair did.

Matt.. from below..

80's hair metal band?

Best Chat Roulette session ever?

Sunday - Kurtz catching up on some Jersey Shore.

Breakfast time, blouses.

Rounding up the crew at Poets.

NikexPoets Blazer Mid.. Looking good.

Poets Skate Jam @ Roslyn Banks.

Rick was camera shy..

Sassa was practicing his cane flips.

Shane, Tony, & Peabody.

Pheo was documenting the action.

The Ronzmobile with Izzo & Kieran in tow.

Team Outback.

Cool Keith.

Rich finds happiness on the ground.

Took the heavy sesh over to Lido

Lido Beach barge.

Beach buds.

Poets 2 Year Anniversary Party.

From the right.

From the left.

Talking about Seagle things.

Outside situation.

20 Shot on loop.

Street game.

Freestyle battles.


Friends with funny faces.

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