Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekend Randoms: 8/6 - 8/8

Friday - How can a teenage boy be a cunt?

Sucked into the vortex known as Friday.

Bombed a few hills into the harbor and called it a night.

Saturday - "Poets Beach Barge" w/ Paul & Pangaeaman.

Essential for life operation.

Paul & his asian buddies.

After this!

The asians burying each other were very entertaining..

Jones Beach was a great success.

Took a peek at the new skatepark..

Kurtz gitting twizted with the Hulk hand.


Went to Nag's Head for a few games of darts.

Kurtz getting some.

Mad Scientist Gary.

Hood rat stuff..

Gary getting some extensions on his wig..

Matt.. from below..

Best Chat Roulette session ever?

Sunday - Kurtz catching up on some Jersey Shore.

Breakfast time, blouses.

Rounding up the crew at Poets.

NikexPoets Blazer Mid.. Looking good.

Poets Skate Jam @ Roslyn Banks.

Rick was camera shy..

Sassa was practicing his cane flips.

Shane, Tony, & Peabody.

Pheo was documenting the action.

The Ronzmobile with Izzo & Kieran in tow.

Team Outback.

Cool Keith.

Rich finds happiness on the ground.

Took the heavy sesh over to Lido

Lido Beach barge.

Beach buds.

Poets 2 Year Anniversary Party.

From the right.

From the left.

Talking about Seagle things.

Outside situation.

20 Shot on loop.

Street game.

Freestyle battles.


Friends with funny faces.

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