Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fatherly Figures - Kevin C.

This month's installment is with Kevin C. Kevin is known for his shredding in Pheo's Maiden Days, Another Number and a few 411 videos. Check out what Kevin & his family have been up to in Ohio as of lately.


K: Please state your son's name and age:
KC: Logan, 9 months.

K: Logan is a very interesting name, how'd you go about choosing it?
KC: We did some research and read some books. We both really liked the name Logan.

K: That's rad. It's always best to mix things up a bit and stay away from the norm. What's in been like with moving to Ohio and having a baby all within a short time period?
KC: Crazy. I mean, moving was risky. We didn't really know what to expect. We just knew deep inside we had to make a power move. My wife quit her job and we just left. We knew what to expect in NYC.

K: Definitely a risky situation, but things like that are made for a reason most times, it sounds like things are working out though.
KC: As far as the baby happening around the same time was even scarier but it worked out and I'm very thankful that things worked out the way they have.

K: How has the transition been from just being skateboarder with a wife to being a skateboarder with a wife and a kid?
KC: Skateboarding to me is just something that is a part of me. I don't really look at it in that sense. It's exercise and a way to get outside and be physical. Logan hasn't really seen much skateboarding except for the little board Riggio got for him, that he plays with sometimes.  The transition between going to college and having a career has had more of an affect on skateboarding then anything else. Limited time to do it, loosing tricks, getting them back. Loosing them again. Almost what the winter does to you.

K: For sure man, we all go through those up and down periods with being on the board. Speaking of the winter, how's the skate scene out there? We know that there are some good concrete parks out there, how about any indoor parks to retreat to on a cold winter day or if you get a night off from fatherhood?
KC: They just built this small one, I was hitting it once a week. They just built a super sick mini bowl in one of the rooms. I haven't skated it yet, It's called Skate Naked, it's not bad.

K: That's cool, we're just getting 2 concrete parks on the island this year, but no word of an indoor one anytime soon. What's your daily routine like? Are you on a set schedule now or does it vary day to day?
KC: My goal is to skate once per week. I usually wake up about 7:30-8:00-ish. drink some tea and watch Logan and take a walk. Then I check my list of goals or projects for the day. I usually work until 5:00 or 6:00-ish. After work, I  take Logan for a walk again and watch him for an hour or so. Then I make dinner for us. After dinner I try to finish up any errands if possible.  Do some reading, mess around on the computer for bit or catch up with paperwork.  Lights out 1130 latest. With a child you have to have a schedule. Otherwise your doomed.

K: Haha.. Doomed.. That's funny. Sounds like you have it pretty wired though, man. Your lady is from Ohio, right?
KC: Yup.

K: Are you living in the same town where she is originally from?
KC: No. Her family lives 1.5 hours away.

K: Nice. That's still pretty close for staying in touch with family and visiting. When was the last time you were in New York?
KC: April.

K: You get to skate at all when you were out here or was it just to hang?
KC: I skated for 2 hours in Long Beach, Long Island with Riggio and Regan. I was visiting for a wedding and for business.

K: You know it's $30.00 to park at Lido right now, right? Aren't you glad you live around a bunch of free outdoor concrete parks in Ohio? haha..
KC: That's part of the reason why I left NY.

K: What's your fondest memory of the Ohio trip we took back in 2008?
KC: Just rolling up to the new parks with friends. Getting psyched. That's it.

K: What is the key to a healthy diet and do you have Logan on any type of natural/organic foods program? We all know you eat very well, is Logan following in your footsteps?
KC: I eat healthy because I have to. I have no choice. It's too complicated to go into detail so I will keep it at that.  I think the key to optimal living through diet is to be smart and learn about the foods you eat and how they work in your body. Most people eat too many complex carbohydrates and heavy proteins and sugar. It's like a bad science experiment. Depending upon how active you are, I think the best thing to do is to stick with mixing up different style dishes with raw heavy greens, fruit, brown rice, jerusalem artichoke pasta, oats, veggies, beans. fish. Chicken if you're psyched. Logan is almost exclusively breast fed. He will probably adapt the same eating habits. We may one day become exclusively vegetarian.

K: Awesome. Thanks Kevin, it's been a pleasure. Peace!

Chrondela with a FS 180 ollie at Chandler Skatepark - Chandler, AZ - 2010
Photo: Memento

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