Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From the Hood to the Woods..

This is the first trip to set sail from the Dewey house.

Arrived to some psyched homies skating flat already.

Best game of trunk Jenga ever?

Maxed out!!

JJ had them silly socks.

We didn't even make it out of New York yet.. come on..

Testing out the new fisheye feature..

Started the trip off at the Jersey City foundation.

Snack Attack Po & Gary!

Paul's new ink.

Colby & a tank top-tanned Po.

Contaminated soil.. yikes..

Gary pulling a Black Jon.


Paul & Gary caught in the nook..

V met us at shore and was ready to rage.

All ready to set sail!

Shine dog!

JJ & Black just chillen..

Kurtz was almost a wizard when we arrived.

Paul & Frank were living.

Tent City at the island.

Luke going way over the top!

Weber & company.

Kuato homies.

Max, cleaning up chicken scraps.

Funky dropped "Twatted" and it was all downhill from there..

Wes getting his blog on.

F*ck yo staff!

Kim & Max at the rave.

Homies tryin' to sleep in a tent yo!

Chicken aftermath..

Kuato was about to burst out of Frank's stomach.

Max was all raved out.

Luke had a rough one, but was in good shape.

Luke & Paul going hard.. Gin & Tonics.. 10 a.m.

Football on the island.. no bigs..

Barging the Lehigh River.

Unload and roll out.

Black & Poo taking a nap.. cute..

Tavy for a lunch sesh.

The new back room at the Tavy is looking pretty tight..

Tube shopping at Target.

Pretty sure Maple went out of business..

Fake-ass tail devils.

"I don't know.. Ketchup?"..

Mandatory Stairwell B sesh..

Wallrides on Hamilton.

Spiraling garage.

Hit up a parking garage by PP&L for some firework watching.

JJ & Gary-mane.

Luke & PP&L.

The best view in Allentown.

Friendly shadows..

After party at Kim's house.. Good food.. Good times.

Kurtz & JJ.. Coolest guys on the block.

Gearing up for a 2hr drive to York, PA.

JJ taking in some relaxing views.

York, PA!

Brutal heat.. 105 degrees.

Must be 18 or older to peep this video..

Made a quick stop at Exist Skateshop.

Exist was backing Prizefighter Cutlery.

Like... Totally!


Cali Burrito.. Blowing it..

Gary came through in the clutch & helped Team Kuato big time.

JJ in the pit.

Andy V's show at Homebase.

V's wall installations.

V's chair piece.

Lehigh is for ballers.

Ended off the trip with a scorching 378 ditch sesh.

Lee & Frank in the trench.

And.. boom goes the dynamite..

Good times were had by all.

Can't end the trip without seeing an ARK.

Lehigh Valley tubing pics.

Gearing up for getting down.

Kurtz w/ a turd.

Setting sail from the shore.

Gary likes to float..

Picking up speed downstream.

Thumbs up from Luke.

Frank likes turtles!

Floating on..

Cheers, bud.

Tressel crew.

Taking the plunge..

From the Hood to the Woods digiclip is in the works.. Check back by the end of next week for an audio/visual presentation.

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